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Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn - Midnight Sun
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PostSubject: Carlisle's Theories   Carlisle's Theories I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 2:30 am

Quote :
"We thought the line had died out with Ephraim, Edward muttered; it
sounded like he was talking to himself now. "That the genetic quirk
which allowed the transmutation had been lost . . ." He broke off and
stared at me accusingly. "Your bad luck seems to get more potent
everyday. Do you realize you insatiable pull for all things deadly was
strong enough to recover a pack of mutant canines from extinction? If
we could bottle your bad luck, we'd have a weapon of mass destruction
on our hands."
I ignored the ribbing, my attention was caught by his assumption -- was he serious? "but I didn't bring them back. Don't you know?
"Know what?"
"My bad luck had nothing to do with it, The werewolves came back because the vampires did."
"Edward stared at me, his body motionless with surprise.
"Jacob told me that your family being here set things in motion. I though you would already know . . ."
His eyes narrowed. "Is that what they think?
"Edward look at the facts. Seventy years ago, you came here, and the
weresolves showed up. You came back now, and the werewolves show up
again. Do you think that's a coincidence?
He blinked and his glare relaxed. "Carlisle will be interested in that theory."
"Theory," I scoffed.

It seems a bit strange that the Cullens would assume that Bella was the
reason that the La Push kids starting mutating into werewolves again.
Why do you think that they chalked it all up to Bella's bad luck --
especially when the werewolves also happened to be there 70 years
before? Do you think that they had any other theories about why the
werewolves were back? Why do you suppose This subject wasn't breached
again in the books (if it was, then I don't remember it -- sorry in
advance if I'm wrong.)? Do you think that maybe both theories are wrong
-- that there is another reason that the werewolf gene started working
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Meeting Jacob/Seeing your car

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PostSubject: Re: Carlisle's Theories   Carlisle's Theories I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 6:40 am

No I think its the vampires being there..... It seems to be the most likely answer.
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Carlisle's Theories
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