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Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn - Midnight Sun
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Have you read 'Midnight Sun'?
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 A couple of suggestions

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Leaving Arrizona

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A couple of suggestions Empty
PostSubject: A couple of suggestions   A couple of suggestions I_icon_minitimeMon May 11, 2009 10:54 pm

1. I know the flag thing has been addressed, however, unless you intend to include flags from a couple hundred countries, it might be easier to have a "fill in the blank" section. That way if someone can't find their flag, they can at least fill in whatever country they are from. Then, when you have time, you can add the appropriate flag. It just seems to me that would be easier than waiting for someone to mention it in a complaint. If people have a way of just filling in their country even though they don't see their flag, I think they would be more likely to sign up.
2. The background images are lovely, but it is difficult to read. Maybe a nice Twilight banner across the top and then a black background for the rest of the page would be easier on the eyes.
3. Since the site is done in English, I would suggest having a native English speaker on staff. I think your grasp of the English language is wonderful, and I haven't had any trouble figuring out what things mean even when they are mis-spelled. However, having someone around to catch those mistakes first would make the site much more attractive. For instance, on the home page, "summury" should actually be spelled as "summary." Those kind of mistakes make the site look less professional, and correcting them would probably help in showing it is a well-designed legitimate site to attract new members.

I really love what you've done here, and I'd like to see the site grow in membership. Just a few small fixes would probably make a world of difference.
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PostSubject: Re: A couple of suggestions   A couple of suggestions I_icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 12:51 pm

You are totaly right! For the 1st suggestion there is a a country "fill in the blank" wich is named location as for the flag thing I am going to add soon all countries's flags very soon.
For the second suggestion I have already thought about that due to other complaint and I will do it!
As for the third suggestion I'm gonna consider it cause it is a very good idea!

Unfortunately all updates must be after 27/05 due to final exams that I have on school that's why I haven't add any new update on the forum!
Thank you very much for your suggestion they really are very usefull!!!

"It will be as if I never existed"

A couple of suggestions R7iwqu
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A couple of suggestions
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