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Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn - Midnight Sun
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PostSubject: Christian Serratos...Angela Weber   Christian Serratos...Angela Weber I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 12:37 pm

Christian Serratos...Angela Weber Interview_christianserratos Had you heard of Twilight before the movie?

Christian Serratos: Yes. Originally, I had seen the book and
wanted to read it because I thought the cover was really interesting.
Later I kept hearing more and more about it. It was on my list. Then I
got the call for Twilight, I was so excited. This was the same book on
my list. I ran out and picked it up and read it pretty much straight

BAE: After reading all three books, which scene(s) are you looking forward to being able to see on the big screen?

Christian: The New Moon scene: the cliff diving and bike scene. Those to me seem the most adventuresome.

BAE: If you weren't playing Angela, which character would you like to portray in the movie?

Christian: Jane or Emily. Jane has the fun power. She seems
to truly get away with murder. Emily seems like the character with the
juiciest background. It would be great fun to play that out.

BAE: Were there any memorable/funny moments on the set that you would like to share?

Christian: As far as memorable: the day at the beach was one
of those unforgettable days. It was fiercely cold and windy. We were in
rain mostly and yet it was so pretty there. The ride there looked like
a painting with the mossy trees that looked like they didn't end. It
was a long drive curvy and all. It was well worth it.

BAE: Which scene in the movie do you think fans will be most amazed by?

Christian: The ballet studio. I'm going to say only because from the clip that I saw I was amazed.

BAE: Are you anything like Angela?

Christian: I have my quite/shy days. Interviews are probably the one thing that always make me feel little shy and bit nervous.

BAE: Can you describe what your prom dress in the movie looked like?

Christian: It was a baby pink strapless dress. It was very cute and it looked like candy.

BAE: What are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Christian: I had tried to knit. I started years ago and
tried to pick it up again recently. I have mastered the braid. So now I
just have this long braid as long as Rapunzel's hair. Someday I will do
something with it. My goal is to learn to make a sweater.

BAE: Are there any actors/actresses/singers you look up to or would like to meet?

Christian: Actors: Today I saw Blue Sky with Jessica
Lange and Tommy Lee Jones. They were fantastic. So now I want to see
all the movies made with them. Right before leaving for Twilight I had
a Catherine Hardwicke weekend - where my family/friends and I all
watched every movie that Catherine directed and/or produced. Singers: Christina Aguilera

BAE: I know this must be hard, but do you enjoy acting or singing more?

Christian: They are both so different. I enjoy acting because I can play another person and let go in that way. I truly couldn't say.

BAE: Out of everyone one set, who do you think was most like their character?

Christian: We met for one short day but I would have to say that the "Quillete" boys are definitely very interesting and fun.

BAE: What do you think of the Twilight fandom and the whole Twilight phenomenon?

Christian: The fans are amazing. It’s cool to be apart of something so loved.

BAE: Breaking Dawn is coming out soon, do you have any predictions?

Christian: I do have wishes. Of course I'm anxious to see what happens to all of the characters.

BAE: Have you met Stephenie yet? If so, what was she like?

Christian: She was fantastic. She is a great writer.
Anything she writes I now have this need to be the first one in and get
it. I wanted to tell her a mess of things about how exciting this was
for me and how great I thought she was and well I think I just said
"hi" or something like that. I'm not sure. I truly wish I remembered
what I said. She was sweet.

BAE: How did you get the part as Angela?

Christian: I was called in for Jessica but I really couldn't
see much without my glasses on and I wanted to nail the audition, so
out of the need to see I threw on my glasses and I came out with the
the part of Angela!

BAE: Have you been bombarded by obsessive Twilight fans yet (lol)?

Christian: Everyone has been really nice. For me I just hope everyone enjoys the movie and my portrayal of Angela.

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Christian Serratos...Angela Weber
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