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Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn - Midnight Sun
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But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,

Thou shalt not eat of it:
For in the day that thou eatest thereof
Thou shalt surely die

Here comes your chapter-by-chapter Twilight summary, which begins with Bella's arrivals in Forks town.

1: First Sight
Bella Swan is an ordinary girl who arrives in the town of Forks to live with her father, Charlie. In the first chapter we see her dreading her first day in high school but soon finds herself on friendly terms with a few of the kids. She sees Cullen siblings for the first time during lunch. She is attracted by their physical perfection and especialy by Edward Cullen. But when she ends up sitting next to him in biology class he seems to dislike her.

 2: Open Book
The next day at school Bella knows what to expect from the other. Edward Cullen isn’t there. But Bella can’t stop thinking about him. A few days later, it snows and Edward Cullen comes back to school. This time, he is curious about Bella, ask her questions about her life.

 3: Phenomenon
  Tyler almost crashes into Bella as she stands by her truck. But Edward dashes in front of her and holds back the oncoming car. Bella has to go to hospital with minor injuries. When Edward comes to see her, he tries to convince her that she imagined his supernatural speed and strength. She’s not convinced and begins to wonder who and what he is. That night Bella dreams of Edward for the first time.

4: Invitations
At first Edward ignores Bella. Then he tells her it’s better if they don't become friends. Mike and Tyler both ask Bella to the school dance. She deny claiming that she has to go to Seattle the weekend of the dance. Edward is amused by all the attention Bella is getting. When he hears her plans, he asks if he can go to Seattle with her. Bella says yes.  

5: Blood Type
Bella’s biology class is doing blood typing, which requires all the kids to draw blood. Edward skips class. Bella feels faint and has to go to see the school nurse. Mike is helping her but then Edward turns up and takes over. Bella starts quizzing Edward about his background and tries to guess what he is.

6: Scary Stories
Bella goes on a day trip to a beach in La Push with a few of her friends. Determined to uncover Edward’s true identity, she flirts with Jacob Black so she can pump him for information. Thrilled by the attention, Jacob tells Bella a legend about werewolves and vampires.
 Jacob thinks the legend is nonsense but Bella isn't so sure.

7: Nightmare
Bella has a nightmare about Edward. She gives into her suspicion that he is a vampire and looks up vampires on the Internet. She makes plans to go to Port Angeles with two of her friends to help them look for dresses to wear at the school dance.

8: Port Angeles
In Port Angeles, Bella goes shopping with her friends and then decides to go in a bookstore. A group of men chase her and are about to attack her when Edward pulls around the corner in his volvo and drives her away. The two of them go for dinner together. Edward reveals that he can hear people’s thoughts.

9: Theory
Bella and Edward continue their conversation, with Bella asking more questions about Edward’s vampire state. She tells him it doesn’t matter to her if he’s a vampire and finally admits to herself that she is in love with him.

10: Interrogations
Edward finds it frustrating not to be able to hear her thoughts and thinks she’s taking the whole vampire thing way too cool. He suggests a mystery trip in place of the planned visit to Seattle so he can show her what happens when he goes in the sun.

11: Complications
This time it’s Edward’s turn to ask Bella question after question. Jacob and his dad, Billy, arrive at Bella’s house. Billy seems shocked to see her with Edward, which leads her to conclude that he believes the legend Jacob told her and knows what Edward really is.

12: Balancing
Jacob confirms to Bella that Billy believes Edward is a vampire. Edward tells Bella that his family is having trouble accepting their relationship because she's not one of them. He is still not sure if he can be alone with her without hurting her. He's afraid of being overwhelmed by his desire for her blood. But she’s determined to take the risk.

13: Confessions
Edward walks across a meadow under the sun and his skin sparkles as though it were encrusted with diamonds. He admits to Bella that when he first saw her, he had to fight the urge to drink her blood because it’s so alluring to him. He carries her from the meadow to her truck on his back, running so fast that it makes her feel queasy. They both admit that they are in love with each other and kiss for the first time.

14: Mind Over Matter
Bella asks Edward about his past and about the Cullen family. He tells her that his vampire father Carlisle made him a vampire in 1910, when Edward was 17 and dying from influenza. He and the other Cullens have decided to rise above their basic instincts and retain as much as humanity as they can by abstaining from human blood. His vampire sister Alice has the gift of premonition and his vampire brother Jasper can manipulate the emotions of those around him. Edward sneaks into Bella’s bedroom without the knowledge of her dad and they spend the night together. He tells her he finds her sexually attractive but can’t sleep with her because he might crush her by accident.

15: The Cullens
Bella and Edward spend the day at the Cullen house. Carlisle and Esme, Edward’s sister Alice are very nice to her. But Rosalie is jealous of her because she’s human. Edward plays the piano for Bella and later shows her around the house. He tells her the story of Carlisle, who was a minister’s son until he discovered a coven of vampires. One of the vampires bit him, which made him transform into a vampire.

16: Carlisle
Edward continues the story of Carlisle. He tells Bella how, horrified by what he'd become, Carlisle tried several ways to kill himself but failed, as it’s very difficult to kill a vampire. Once Carlisle discovered that he could survive on animal blood alone, he went to Italy to study medicine so he could do some good in the world.
eventually left Italy so he could start a coven of vampires that would follow his lifestyle and abstain from drinking human blood. It was while working as a doctor that Carlisle discovered Edward and transformed him into a vampire. Edward stayed with Carlisle for a while but went his own way for about ten years. In that period, he hunted humans but only those intent on committing a violent crime, which Edward used his mind-reading skills to decipher.

17: The Game
Billy Black suggests to Bella that she stay away from Edward but she tells him that he knows what he is and that he hasn’t harmed anyone. She tells Charlie that Edward is her boyfriend and introduces them to each other. Edward takes Bella to watch a baseball game between him and his family. The game is much faster than a human version would be and Bella finds it hard to keep up with the play.
Suddenly Alice foresees the imminent arrival of a pack of vampires that are passing through the area. Unfortunately, they are not the vegetarian kind. The Cullens have no time to remove Bella to safety so they decide to try to block her scent and pretend she’s one of them.

18: The Hunt
The visiting vampires are Laurent, James and Victoria. Laurent seems to be the leader of the pack. He expresses an interest in visiting the home of the Cullens and promises not to hunt in their territory.
 The vampires pick up Bella’s scent and realize she’s human. James seems eager to attack her but Edward jumps in front of her in a protective stance. Laurent, though surprised by the presence of a human, assures the Cullens that none of them will harm her. However, that night Edward reveals to Bella that he knows, from listening to James's thoughts, that James is an expert tracker and is intent on hunting Bella. He agrees to take Bella home so she can tell her dad she’s going to Phoenix, where her mother lives.

19: Goodbyes
Bella pretends to break up with Edward in front of Charlie and storms out of the house, telling him she hates Forks and is moving back to Phoenix. Edward drives her to the Cullen house, where Laurent is visiting. Laurent reveals that James is the real leader of the pack and one of the most dangerous vampires he’s ever known. He will stop at nothing to kill Bella. The Cullens decides they have to kill James first. Edward, Carlisle and Emmet plan to hunt him while Bella hides out in a hotel room in Phoenix with Alice and Jasper.

20: Impatience
Bella wakes up in a hotel room in Phoenix with Alice and Jasper watching her every move. They assure her that the other members of the Cullen family are safe but she can’t stop worrying about them, especially about Edward.
In response to Bella’s questions, Alice explains that vampires can turn humans into vampires by injecting them with their venom. She says the transformation is excruciating and usually takes a few days.
Edward calls to say he and the others have lost track of James. Alice has a vision of James sitting alone in a mirrored room, which Bella realizes is similar to the dance studio she used to go to when she was younger.

21: Phone Call
Alice has another premonition and this time sees James at the house of Bella’s mum. Bella is distraught. She is getting ready to go to the airport to meet Edward when she gets a phone call from James. He tells her that he has her mother and will kill her if she doesn’t get away from the Cullens and come to her mother’s house alone. Bella writes a letter to Edward telling him that she loves him and asking him not to go after James for killing her.

22: Hide And Seek
Bella gives the Cullens the slip at the airport and gets a cab to her mother’s house. James tells her on the phone to go to the dance studio. When she arrives there, she finds out that he’s taken a video from her house and used it to trick her into believing he had his mother. She is relieved to know her mother is safe.
James is recording Bella's final moments. He promises her a slow and agonizing death. He attacks her, slashing her face and breaking her leg, until she finally passes out.

23: The Angel
Bella returns to consciousness to find Edward and the other Cullens in the room with her. She complains that her hand is on fire and the Cullens realize that James has bitten her. Edward sucks the venom out to stop it spreading and transforming her into a vampire.

24: An Impasse
Bella wakes up in hospital and finds Edward beside her once again. He reprimands her for going to James alone. He tells her that she would be safer without him and, distressed at the thought of his absence, Bella tries to make him promise that he will never leave her.
Bella asks Edward why he didn’t allow her to transform into a vampire when he discovered that James had bitten her. He grows angry and says he will never allow her to become a vampire. Bella feels certain that Alice’s prediction will come true.