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Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn - Midnight Sun
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1: Party
The Cullens have a birthday party for Bella, because now she's one year older than Edward. Unfortunately she paper-cut herself and blood comes out her hand. Panick is obvious in the room...

2: Stitches
Carlisle is the one remains calm! He helps Bella with her hand whereas all the other, exept of Edward, leaves the room.
Carlies tells Bella why he decided to become a doctor and why Edward doesn't want her to be a vampire...

3: The End
  The next day at school Bella finds ut that Alice and Jasper have leave from Forks, she feels a wave of panic.
 Edward break up with Bella for her own good but Bella believes that his love wasn't enough for her. She is in a very bad condition for 4 months till...

4: Waking up
...she wakes up. Charlie announce to Bella that he will send her to her mother. He complains that she gets up, goes to school, goes to work, does chores and never strays out of line. Her father says she never does anything except mope and accuses her of waiting for "him."She promises Charlie she will go out with one of her friends, just to prove that nothing is wrong. When she gets though to school realizes that she is avoiding everyone and everyone had stoped to talk to her...

5: Cheater
Bella has had nightmares since Edward left. She often woke up screaming, causing Charlie to come to her. She notes that this time, Charlie didn't come. The nightmare was about Bella searching for something that was never there in the first place. She remembers how Edward said, before he left, that humans had a way to forget things. He told her that it would be "as if I never existed".
She finds 2 bikes and wents to Jacob in order to fix them...

6: Friends
The first day of motorcycle fix-up is a surprising success. Bella gets to meet Jacob's friends Quil and Embry, who stop by Jacob's garage to say hi. She sits in Jacob's unfinished Volkswagen Rabbit to watch them work. She listens as they talk and tease each other. When it is time for her to leave, she discovers that she actually enjoyed herself. As she walks away from the boys, and hear them hoot in the background, she startles herself with her first giggle in months. She feels alive and happy again. That day Bella finds out that did not hava a nightmare as before...

7: Repetition
Bella drives to the Cullen's house, just to make sure it was still there, that she hadn't dreamed up Edward Cullen at all. She is bothered by the fact that she isn't grieving anymore. Edward had told her that humans can forget things easily with time. "It will be as if I never existed," he had told her. But Bella is still thinking about hearing Edward's voice in her head whenever she did something dangerous. She remembers that when she heard him that first time, she was in a situation of deja vu, and wonders if revisiting the Cullen house will trigger it...

8: Adrenaline
Bella is ready for her first motorcycle driving lesson. Jacob explains all the parts of the bike. Bella is nervous, but determined. She lurches forward, but is startled by Edward's voice yelling at her in her ear. She lets go of the clutch. The bike topples over. But Bella is overjoyed, her plan worked. Her recklessness brought Edward back to her. Eager for the voice to return, Bella gets back on the bike and tries again. This time she soars forward, staying up this time, all the while listening for Edward. When he does speak, it is to warn her that the road curves up ahead. Bella does not know how to turn and falls again! Jacob forbide her to drive again at that day and go home...

9: Third Wheel
It is Valentine's day, and Jacob is handing her a box of conversational candies. She has been carefully planning out each moment of her day, filling it with busy details to avoid having too much alone time on her hands. She has gotten better at riding her motorcycle, which means her hallucinations of Edward are fewer. That weekend, Bella decides that she cannot avoid Mike any longer. But rather than inviting Mike to a movie alone, she tries to get a group outing to the movies. Mike is not quite as thrilled with this as he would be if they were alone but cheers up when he finds that Bella's La Push friends are only Sophomores.
After the movie both Jacob and Mike get sick...

10: The Meadow
Jacob does not call or answer any of Bella's calls, even long after he should have been better. Bella calls and receives short, evasive answers from Billy. Charlie cannot get much out of Billy, either, so he calls Harry Clearwater to find out what he might know about Jacob's condition. After talking to Harry for a while, Charlie tells Bella that Harry had been in the hospital having his heart checked. He also says that Jacob might have mono. Bella looks up mono on the Internet and discovers that it can last up to a month. She is not sure she can stay away from Jacob for a whole month and decides to visit him on one week. Besides, Bella reasons, mono isn't contagious. She doesn't understand why Billy is so secretive...

11: Cult
Jacob still won't call Bella. She is increasingly worried about him and also misses him terribly. But now Bella had other fears stacked on her. She constantly thought about Laurent and Victoria, waiting in the shadows. Charlie was in danger as well. After calling the Black house day and night, Bella finally decides to confide in Charlie about Jacob's fears. She calls Charlie at the police station, telling him as much as she could about Embry and Sam Uley. As soon as she mentions Sam, however, Charlie loses his concern. He thinks Sam is a good guy, and if Billy is not concerned, then there is nothing to be concerned about. He tells Bella that he is busy because there has been another attack in the woods. There was blood this time...

12: Intruder
In the middle of the night, Jacob is climbing in through Bella's window. When she sees him, she is furious and tells him to get out. He tells her he came to apologize, but she doesn't want to hear anything from him. Still, he tries to explain. He tells her he has a secret, but he cannot tell her what it is. In fact, he physically cannot tell her, like some force is preventing him. What he can tell her, is that he is involved in something that he cannot get out of. Bella tells him he can get out of anything. She suggests they run away together to keep him safe. He says it's not something he can run away from. Since Jake cannot tell Bella his secret, he challenges her and tell her that his secret were related with the legend he had told her last year (on Twilight book). She than figures out that Jaacob is a worewolves...

13: Killer

Bella storms into the Black house, demanding to see Jacob. When Billy lies and says he doesn't know where Jake is, Bella informs him that Charlie and the rest of the police are headed for the woods with guns to shoot the wolves. Billy responds by saying that Jacob is asleep. Bella goes to Jacob's room to wake him, but seeing him sleep so peacefully, lets him be and tells Billy that she'll be at the beach when Jacob wakes up.

Jacob meets Bella at the beach where she tells him that she's figured out his secret. He is not concerned about the rangers with guns, but comments that they will start disappearing too if they are not careful. Bella takes this the wrong way, thinking that Jacob and the others would kill people like the vampires. But Jacob explains her that they are after vampires so that to protect the people! He also is happy that Bella doesn't consider him as a freak...

14: Family

When Sam and the other boys arrive, they are not happy to see Jacob with Bella. One of the boys, Paul, loses his temper and changes into a worewolf. In an instant, Jacob also changes into a werewolf and jumps on Paul. As the two wolves fight, the other boys take Bella out of harm's way. They bring her to Emily, Sam's girlfriend. Emily has bad scars on one side of her face, where she had once gotten too close to Sam when he changed. She is happy, though, and when Sam arrives, Bella can tell that they are in love.

When all the worewolfs are boys once again, and they return to the house, Bella tells them about Victoria, and they plan their strategy...

15: Pressure

As planned, Bella spends most of her spring break at Jacob's house. They spend a lot of time together talking. Jacob tells Bella a few of the features of being a worewolf, such as having a high temperature, healing fast and running at the speed of a vampire. Bella explains about James, confiding in Jacob that he did bite her last year. He is confused as to why Bella is not a vampire and she tells him that it is because Edward sucked the venom out of her before it was too late. She also confides in him as to how badly it affects her to hear about the Cullens. So he agrees not to talk about them anymore.

Jacob promises that he will take Bella cliff diving. She is very excited.Bella jump from the cliff alone...

16: Paris

 She does not drown. Just as she thinks she is going to, her head comes up out of the water. Jacob is there to pull her out of the water. He pounds on her back to get the water out of her lungs and commands her to breathe. Once he sees she is alive, he yells at her for doing something so stupid as to jump off the cliff. She agrees that it was stupid. As they leave, Bella looks back at the water to see a flash of fire zoom past, as if the water was angry that she didn't die. Jacob takes her back to his house to get warm and dry, saying that he came looking for her when he found out that Victoria was headed for the water. She also tells her that Charlie's friend, Harry, died...

17: Visitor

Alice Cullen has returned. When Bella enters the house, Alice is surprised to see her. But Bella is so relieved to see Alice that she flings herself onto her in a big, sobbing hug. After a minute or two, Bella notices that Alice has become tense and pulls away. Alice apologizes and says she hasn't hunted yet. Then she asks Bella how it is possible that she is alive. Alice, using her ability to see future events, saw Bella jump from the cliff. Bella says that she did jump, but for fun. She asks Alice why she did not see Jacob pull her out of the water. Alice suddenly starts sniffing Bella. She asks who Jacob is, and Bella confesses that he is a worewolf. Alice is concerned that Bella's best friend is a worewolf and realizes that can't see the future near worewolves...

18: The Funeral

As predicted, Jacob is at the door. He makes a few annoying comments about Bella having company, wrinkling his nose a few times. He asks Bella if the rest of the Cullens are coming back. She says no, and he explains that, as long as there is a vampire in Forks, he cannot protect her here. He can protect her in La Push and encourages her to go there. He keeps scowling about the vampires, and Bella asks if there is a problem with her being friends with him and with them. He replies that there is a problem.

There is a moment when Jacob and Bella get so close that it appears that he will kiss her. In this moment, Bella is having an all-out battle with herself. When they were about to kiss someone called and Jacob picked up. He thought that the one who called was Crlise and told him that Charlie was in the funeral. Afterword Alice says that who called was Edward and he thinks that Bella killed herself so he decided to go to the Volturi to be killed too. Bella decided to go to Italy with Alice in order to save him...

19: Race
On the plane to Italy, Alice calls Jasper on her cell phone to explain the situation. She tells him to round up the others to put a plan into action. When she hangs up, she explains the Volturi to Bella. The Volturi are a royal family of vampires. They are the ones who enforce the rules. When Bella asks about the rules, Alice tells here that there is one primary rule to not let anyone know about vampires. Alice says that Edward's first plan is to ask the Volturi to kill him. If they refuse, Edward plans to expose the vampires by revealing himself to be one. This will get him killed for sure. Later, as Alice checks the future again, she finds that the Volturi have told Edward that they need time to decide so he will exposure himself on the croud...

20: Voltera
Even though the guards are not letting cars through, Alice drives the Porsche right past the first guard. At the second, she rolls down the window and hands him a wad of money. He waves her on. Bella watches the clock on the dashboard anxiously. They are running out of time. Alice tells Bella that she only needs to find the clock tower, Palazzo dei Priori. As they get close to the square, Alice senses that the Volturi are all around. But she tells Bella not to worry about it and just go. It is too crowded to sprint, but Bella finds her way across the square by running through a fountain. She sees Edward and yells his name. He has taken off his shirt so the sun will reflect more dramatically. It was too late and Edward was about to make the step to revile himself but he sees Bella!! However the Volture hunt them so that to go to Aro...

21: Verdict
They enter a room that is glamorous compared to the dark tunnels. Inside is a woman, who, Bella notices, is human. She is not surprised at all about the newcomers and greets the small girl, Jane, who, in turn, greets her as "Gianna." A young boy who looks very much like Jane comes out and greets Jane. He is Alec. Jane leads Edward, Alice, Bella and the others into another room, where a group of vampires are waiting. The head of the family, Aro, is waiting, seemingly pleased to see everyone. Aro has the same mind-reading powers as Edward, but his power requires him to touch the subject to hear their thoughts. He listens to the thoughts of one of the men nearby to find out the background of what is going on. Jane, Alec and Aro also can't affect Bella. Aro is amazed of what will happend on Bella's and Edward's future so he let them go...

22: Flight

In the reception area, as they wait until darkness falls, Bella breaks down. She sobs and shakes at the horror of all those people who were so casually fed to the vampires. Their screams will stay inside Bella's head for a long time. Edward holds her and kisses her hair. She feels safe, or at least she pretends to feel safe. Bella acknowledges the possibility that Edward is only trying to keep her calm, that he might turn and leave again the moment this is over. He strokes her face and kisses her hair. Bella notices that he does not kiss her lips and takes this as a sign that he hasn't committed to anything yet.

Edward tries to convince Bella to sleep, but she refuses. She wants to be aware of every moment that will have him till he leaves again! Whan the plane lands Bella meets the rest of the Cullen family and they are all very thankfull...

23: The Truth

Bella awakens with the belief that everything that happened since her jump off the cliff was a dream. She sees Edward sitting beside her and convinces herself that the hallucination of his voice has extended to a visual hallucination. She notices that he has bruise marks under her eyes, indicating vampire thirst. This does not coincide with her dreams in which Edward is perfect. Edward assures her that he is awake. Slowly the reality of having gone to Italy to save Edward is coming back to Bella. She tells him that he should stop feeling guilty for everything that happens to her. He says that he did not go to the Volturi because of guilt. He did feel guilt. But he went to Italy because he thought she was dead and could not live without her. He tells her the true reason for leaving...

24: VOTE

Bella desides to go to the Cullen's house so that everyone could vote for her change to vompire. Edward does not like the idea of holding an election about Bella's welfare, but he agrees to go along. Bella climbs on his back, as she's done so many times in the past, and Edward takes off at lightning speed. It does not scare her anymore. On the way to the Cullen house, they discuss their feelings for each other. Bella confesses to Edward that she had hallucinations about him and that is what triggered her thrill of danger. He is not happy about the fact that she put herself at risk just to hear his voice. Bella asks if she can have all her stuff back now that Edward has decided to stay in Forks. He tells her that she has always had them, that he placed them under the floorboard of her room! Everybody wants Bella to become a vampire exept of Rosalie because she thinks that Bella will regret it.

When they return at Bella's home they figure out that Jacob had trade her and had shown to Charlie the bikes. Charlie is really peased off...


It is like the past eight months had never happened. With the Cullens back and Bella and Edward together again, life in Forks is moving along like the old days. Edward has returned to school, picking up the same classes he had before he left. Since Edward had already gone to college, he doesn't mind filling out applications for the community college with Bella, whose college choice is limited due to her procrastination.

Charlie is still upset with Bella, but clearly does not want to lose her, so he allows Edward to visit during specific hours. Bella's grounded, however. She accepts that. Another change is that Jacob has cut off his friendship with Bella. He will not speak to her or return her calls. She knows it is because of Edward, but since Jacob had promised...