Twilight Saga-Series
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Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn - Midnight Sun
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Below you see photos that are uploaded on the forum by members. You can upload too...HERE...please upload on the correct category.




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What is the difference between a friend and a contact?

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A contact is a one-way friendship. This could be where the other
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Where is list of friends and contacts displayed?

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Private Messages (PM)

If the administrator has enabled the Private Messages (PM) system, registered members may send each other private messages.

How do I send Private Messages?

Private messages work a little like email, but are limited to
registered members of this forum. You may be able to include BB code,
smilies and images in private messages that you send.

You may send a private message to a member of this forum by clicking the 'Sent Button' link in the private messaging section of your user control panel (Profile),
or by clicking the 'PM button' link in the drop down menu
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When you send a message, you have the option to save a copy of it in your 'Sent Items' folder.

How do I work with Private Message Folders?

By default, you will have two folders in your private message area. These are the 'Inbox' and the 'Sent' Items folders.

The 'Inbox'
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The 'Sent Items'
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You will need to periodically delete old messages, as the
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If you would like to keep a record of your messages before you
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Whenever you read a message, you will have the option to reply or
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Albums and Pictures

How do I use albums?

As a member, you can create Albums of images that are linked to your public profile.

Each album can have a title ('Twilightl'), a
description ('Captures') and can be
of three different types: Public, Private or Profile.

  • Public albums can be viewed by anyone
  • Private albums can only be viewed by site staff (moderators, administrators) and your Friends and Contacts
  • Profile albums are viewable only by you. However, you can use the images to customize your public profile

How do I upload pictures?

Once you've created an album you can upload images to it. Simply view the album and click on 'Upload Pictures'.

You'll have the option to give each picture a caption, and to set
one image as the Album cover, which will be displayed on the public
profile. To delete an album or edit the title, description or album
type, click on 'Edit Album'. To delete an image, or to edit a caption
or change the album cover, click on 'Edit Pictures'.

All members who have access to your album images can comment on them, in a similar way to Visitor Messages. You can delete any image comments from your albums, and report inappropriate messages to moderators.

When you have uploaded a picture, you can place it in your posts by
using the BB code text that is displayed below the image when you view
it at full size.


Signatures, Avatars

What are signatures?

'Signatures' contain information that you want to include at the
bottom of all your posts. This might include pictures, links to your
site(s), quotes, etc.

What are avatars?

Avatars are small images that people use to identify or distinguish
themselves to other forum members. In some cases the administrator will
not allow avatars or only allow them for specific members. The
administrator can also provide some stock avatars people can use, or
they can allow members to upload their own custom avatars from their
own computers. These avatars will be displayed as part of the user info
in posts, as well as in the public profile.